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  • 2019 (expected) 2019 (expected)
    ThesisDeep Learning over Programs
    AdvisorsHugh Leather and Pavlos Petoumenos

    Deep learning over programs. Developing machine learning methods for random program generation, compiler optimisations, and representative benchmarking. Applications for heterogeneous parallelism, testing, and adaptive performance tuning. To date: 4 publications, 2 best paper awards, 4 invited talks, 5 posters.

  • 2015 2015
    GradeDistinction (Thesis: 85%)
    ThesisAutotuning Stencils Codes with Algorithmic Skeletons
    AdvisorsHugh Leather and Pavlos Petoumenos

    Runtime adaptive tuning for heterogeneous parallel systems, targeting a high level DSL for multi-GPU stencil programs. Machine learning over distributed training sets.

  • 2014 2014
    GradeFirst Class Honours (Thesis: 90%)
    ThesisProtein Isoelectric Point Database
    AdvisorsIan Nabney

    Created a novel search engine for molecular biochemistry data. Integrated BLAST search tools, a publicly accessible API, and tooling to generate synthetic payloads from confidential datasets for whitebox systems testing. Released open source.

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  • 2017 Best Paper Award, PACT 2017
  • 2017 Best Paper Award, CGO 2017
  • 2015 PhD studentship, EPSRC grant EP/L01503X/1 2015
  • 2014 IET Institute of Engineering & Technology Prize 2014
  • 2009 Arkwright Scholarship, Rolls Royce Plc 2009
  • 2009 EES Engineering Education Scheme of England 2009
  • 2008 AESSEAL Design Innovation Award 2008

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Other Academic Activities

Posters PPar (2017), Google (2016), PPar (2016), ACACES (2016), PLDI (2016), HiPEAC (2016), Google (2015), and PPar (2015).
Peer Reviews ACM TACO (2016), LCTES (2016), and CGO (2016).

Key Technical Skills

GNU / Linux

A full time geek and research student with a passion for developing great software, often late at night.