University of Edinburgh

2019 (expected) Ph.D, Informatics.

2015 MSc by Research, Pervasive Parallelism.

Aston University

2014 MEng Electronic Engineering and Computer Science.


  1. C. Cummins, P. Petoumenos, Z. Wang, H. Leather. “End-to-end Deep Learning of Optimization Heuristics”, (2017). PACT (23% acceptance rate), Portland, Oregon.
  2. C. Cummins, P. Petoumenos, Z. Wang, H. Leather. “Synthesizing Benchmarks for Predictive Modeling”, (2017). CGO (Best Paper award, 22% acceptance rate), Austin, Texas. pdf.
  3. C. Cummins, P. Petoumenos, M. Steuwer, H. Leather. “Towards Collaborative Performance Tuning of Algorithmic Skeletons”, (2016). HLPGPU, HiPEAC. pdf.
  4. C. Cummins, P. Petoumenos, M. Steuwer, H. Leather. “Autotuning OpenCL Workgroup Size for Stencil Patterns”, (2016). ADAPT, HiPEAC. arXiv. pdf.
  5. E. Bunkute, C. Cummins, F. Crofts, G. Bunce, I. T. Nabney, D. R. Flower. “PIP-DB: The Protein Isoelectric Point Database”, (2015). Bioinformatics, 31(2), 295-296. Chicago. journal.

Professional Experience

Codeplay Software (2016)

Contributed to Tensorflow and Eigen. Implemented GPU memory management for expression trees. Compile time scheduling and kernel fusion for expression trees on GPUs using future standards for heterogeneous parallelism. Extensive C++ meta-programming.

Intel Corporation (2012-2013)

Patched ioctl subsystem in Linux kernel. Developed tools for Intel GPU assembly programming. Implemented GTK+ support for Wayland display server. Fixed usability bugs in GNOME desktop applications. Developed 3D particle effects engine. Numerous open source project contributions.

Freelance web developer (2010-Ongoing)

Full-stack development for small businesses, including graphic design and branding. Frontend experience with JavaScript; backend development using Clojure, Node.js, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Jekyll. Experience with Bootstrap framework and WordPress CMS.

Rolls Royce Holdings plc (2008)

Summer week placement, Design Methods Group.

Key Skills

Software Engineering

Advanced programming in C/C++, Python, and Bash, with a particular interest in compiler and systems development. Expert GNU/Linux and git user. Competent with Java, OpenCL, TensorFlow, JavaScript, SQL.

Electronic Engineering

Traditional background in engineering and mathematics, covering digital logic, hardware synthesis, network design, analogue electronics, and embedded systems.

Communication skills

Excellent written and verbal communication skills. Work effectively with open source communities, and am a published author of academic research.


Academic Activities

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