Hacks and Demos

Software Projects

  • cldrive Arbitrary OpenCL kernel execution
  • clgen Deep learning program generator
  • deepsmith Compiler fuzz testing through neural networks
  • deeptune Automatic compiler heuristic construction
  • dotfiles Reproducible and uniform configurations across machines
  • emu Fast, incremental snapshot backups
  • euclid Toy x86 kernel
  • format An opinionated, non-configurable enforcer of code style
  • gh-archiver Mirror GitHub users' repositories
  • humanorrobot.uk Crowdsourced Turing Tests for Machine Learning research
  • labm8 Utilities for quantitative experimental data
  • libcecl Synchronous, verbose OpenCL API wrappers
  • liquid-src Fluid HTML link management
  • lmk Alarm clock for the command line
  • omnitune Distributed machine learning autotuning
  • pe Particle effects and swarming behaviors
  • phd Meta-repository for my entire PhD
  • pip-db Search engine for bioinformatics research
  • ProGraML Graph-based Machine Learning for Programming Languages
  • rt Parallelized ray tracer
  • shit.js Secure Host Intrusion Technology
  • shutterbug DVD photo backups
  • srtime A statistically rigorous 'time' replacement

Open Source Contributions


Full time geek with a passion for developing great software, often late at night.