Poster: "Deep Learning in Compilers"

I had to produce a poster about my research topic for one of the semi-regular upcoming PPar events. Due to several other deadlines and obligations, I knew I could not afford to invest much time on this, so I set myself a 30 minute deadline to come up with something. This is the finished product:


Despite breaking all of the rules for what I would usually consider good poster design, I’m actually quite fond of it. It doesn’t attempt to hide the fact that it is a straightforward advert for two papers, using the lower two thirds of each abstract as the wall-of-text content. Anyone sufficiently interested by the titles can scan a QR code for later reading, while being visually inoffensive enough for everyone else to skip past on to the next poster. Poster design is one of those activities which will expand to free all available time, so it’s sometimes fun to see what you can do when you put strict bounds on the time you’re willing to invest.

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