CGO'22 Tutorial - Autotuning & Reinforcement Learning with CompilerGym

This page contains the materials for the tutorial at CGO’22 on CompilerGym, by Hugh Leather, Mostafa Elhoushi, and myself.


Welcome to our tutorial on Autotuning & Reinforcement Learning with CompilerGym! Please watch the video below to learn how to use this tutorial.

Slides for the above video:


Part 1: Getting Started with CompilerGym

This tutorial uses Colab notebooks. If you have never used these before, this video provides a quick overview.

Here is the first notebook:

Part 2: Autotuning

Slides for the above video:

Here is the second notebook:

Part 3: Reinforcement Learning

Slides for the above video:

Here is the third notebook:

Part 4: Extensions

Slides for the above video:

That’s it, thank you participating in the tutorial! Please take 1 minute to fill in this survey to let us know how you got on and what we could do better.

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