Protein Isoelectric Point Database

The Protein Isoelectric Point Database (pip-db) is a search engine of biological data, developed over nine months as part of my Masters of Engineering degree at Aston University. The project was a cooperative effort between the Computer Science and Life and Health Sciences departments; and was an interdisciplinary project, involving elements of search engine and database design, bioinformatics, web application development, interaction design, data mining, and automated testing.

This post collates my assessed academic submissions for the project. In addition, the following two web resources will be of use to anyone interested in the project:

Final Project Report

A semi-comprehensive technical write up, describing the implementation, architecture, research and product evaluation.

Poster Presentation

This poster provides a brief overview of some of the key project goals and achievements, and is accompanied by a 15 minute oral presentation.

Project Plan

The initial project proposal, submitted before implementation of the product began.

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