Egosurfing with git

The following shell function may be a useful snippet for the ~/.bashrc of other incredibly vane bastards who spend a lot of time browsing their own contributions to a git repository:

egosurf() {
  git branch > /dev/null 2>&1 || {
    echo 'not a git repository!' >&2;
    return 1;
  test -f ~/.gitconfig || {
    echo 'no git config file found' >&2
    return 2

  local whoami=`grep '^\s*name\s*=' ~/.gitconfig \
     | sed -r 's/^\s*name\s*=\s*//'`

  test -n "$whoami" || { echo 'who am i?' >&2;
    return 3; }

  git log --author="$whoami" [email protected]

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