Open Source Projects

Projects that I have worked on

GNOME - A desktop environment and application suite for Linux. My contributions include multiple patches for a number of different applications, such as the contact manager, control centre and photo manager.

Linux - The popular operating system kernel. I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to author a patch which enables improved debugging in the ioctl subsystem.

Wayland - I have developed Wayland-enabling features for the GTK+, Cogl and Clutter libraries, including implementing animated cursors and client side decorations.

Rig - A unique 3D UI design tool, which enables the power of modern GPUs in user interfaces. I developed a prototype of organic swarming behaviours for this, modelling the flocking behaviour and movements of birds in flight.

Projects that I have created

pip-db - A search engine and data analysis application for storing specific biological data, which allows scientific researchers to query particular molecular properties of proteins.

liquid-src - A tiny JavaScript library that allows for very simple management of hyperlinks across multiple HTML pages.

emu - Snapshot backup software inspired by Apple’s Time Machine and git, creating a compact rotating history of file system revisions, implemented completely transparently and automatable.

shit.js - A “proof of concept” intrusion detection system that offers realtime filesystem monitoring and tamper prevention with a remote web interface, written in Node.js.

pat - A lightweight mail notification daemon for email clients on Linux desktops.

euclid - A toy x86 operating system kernel, written in C and assembly.