On writing crap posts, quickly

By way of follow up to my last post, I think it’s interesting that I seem to have the opposite problem when it comes to writing blog posts. While I’ll happily dive into writing a program with little concern for planning or testing, I take a much more reserved attitude towards writing these blog posts, adopting something of a perfectionist attitude towards them.

This is harming my output, making me too hesitant to get things online and published. I have a half dozen unfinished posts lying around waiting to some day be finally revised, and at least a dozen or more unresolved ideas for posts.

My reaction to this is to take something of a more results driven attitude towards getting blog posts up and online with a short turnaround time. The topic of high vs low output was discussed entertainingly on a recent Hello Internet podcast episode, and I will endeavour to adopt a more Brady-esque attitude towards getting stuff done in the future.

After all, if the main reason for not writing is fear over my writing inadequacy, then surely the only cure is more practise?

04 May 2014