Command Line Interface

The CLgen command line interface is accessible through the clgen command.


usage: clgen [-h] [-v] [--version] [--debug] [--profile]
             [--corpus-dir <corpus>] [--model-dir <model>]
             [--sampler-dir <model> <sampler>]

A deep learning program generator for the OpenCL programming language.

The core operations of CLgen are:

   1. OpenCL files are collected from a model specification file.
   2. These files are preprocessed into an OpenCL kernel database.
   3. A training corpus is generated from the input files.
   4. A machine learning model is trained on the corpus of files.
   5. The trained model is sampled for new kernels.
   6. The samples are tested for compilability.

This program automates the execution of all six stages of the pipeline.
The pipeline can be interrupted and resumed at any time. Results are cached
across runs. If installed with CUDA support, NVIDIA GPUs will be used to
improve performance where possible.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -v, --verbose         increase output verbosity
  --version             show version information and exit
  --debug               in case of error, print debugging information
  --profile             enable internal API profiling. When combined with
                        --verbose, prints a complete profiling trace
  --corpus-dir <corpus>
                        print path to corpus cache
  --model-dir <model>   print path to model cache
  --sampler-dir <model> <sampler>
                        print path to sampler cache

available commands:
    test                run the testsuite
    train (t, tr)       train models
    sample (s, sa)      train and sample models
    db                  manage databases
    fetch (f, fe)       gather training data
    ls                  list files
    preprocess (p, pp)  preprocess files for training
    features            extract OpenCL kernel features
    atomize             atomize files
    cache               manage filesystem cache

For information about a specific command, run `clgen <command> --help`.

Copyright (C) 2016, 2017, 2018 Chris Cummins <[email protected]>.